Saturday, April 08, 2006

About Rapa Nui News and Its Administrator


Welcome to Rapa Nui News, one man's humble attempt to keep abreast of the news pertaining to one of the world's most fascinating places - Rapa Nui.

About Rapa Nui News

The South Pacific island of Rapa Nui hangs in a precarious balance between a mysterious past and an uncertain future. The goal of this blog is to present current news about the island, its people, and its culture in such a way as to allow readers to determine their positions for themselves. Of course, comments and opinions pertaining to Rapa Nui from readers of this blog are certainly welcome and even encouraged.

About the Administrator

This blog is administrated by Tiki Chris, whose first exposure to Rapa Nui was as a small child glued to the television while watching the Easter Island episode of the Leonard Nimoy narrated series, “In Search of …” Since then, his fascination with - not just Rapa Nui but - all things Polynesian has deepened. Recently, Chris fulfilled a lifelong dream by visiting Rapa Nui, an adventure chronicled in the 22-page travelogue, The Law of the Island: A Rapa Nui Travelogue.


By no means does Chris see himself as an expert on all things Rapanui neither does he purport to represent the views of anyone, let alone those of the Rapanui people. With that said, h
e certainly welcome any suggestions and leads from others interested in staying up-to-date on Rapa Nui happenings.



TheLope said...

You have made an entertaining and useful effort. I'll continue reading; good luck!

johnny dollar said...

bookmarked! mahalo, moai man!