Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pacific Princess World Cruise to visit Rapa Nui

Pacific Princess to Sail on World Cruise in 2008
102-Day Voyage Marks Princess' First Global Journey in More Than Five Years
Press release
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The vessel then heads across the Pacific to Easter Island and cruises by Pitcairn Island, before stops in Tahiti and Rarotonga.

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spiceman said...

Interesting, there was a big local reaction against letting cruise ships visit the Easter Island. That large amount of people all at once is probably going to adversely affect its economy, condition of the sites, etc. Maybe the tour bus operators will get rich??

For instance the Hawaiian island of Molokaii has repeatedly said no to cruise ships, so, I'm surprised.

The EIF, Easter Island Foundation is an interesting website to read.

On a lighter note, I love the cruise ships itin. On Lan Chile our plan had to be closed up and fumigated with us inside, because it came from Tahiti. The gas killed mosquito eggs, of course no harm to people we were told.