Friday, September 08, 2006

British Museum to exhibit Rapa Nui items in upcoming exhibit

Power & Taboo: Sacred objects from the Pacific
28 September 2006 – 7 January 2007
British MuseumRoom 5
Admission free

Power & Taboo explores the power of the gods in the Polynesian islands of the eastern Pacific. Displaying part of the British Museum's remarkable early collections from this region, and illustrated with images made in the early part of European settlement (1760-1860), the exhibition investigates Polynesian ideas about the gods and how to manage their powers. Many of the objects have had a lasting influence on 20th Century artists such as Pablo Picasso and Henry Moore. Lectures, films and events, which tie in with the themes of the exhibition, will begin later this month.

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Fresh light on the new world in pictures that helped inspire first English settlers
Mark Brown, arts correspondent
The Guardian
Friday September 8, 2006

Drawing on the [British Museum's] unparalleled collections in this area - there will be 82 exhibits from an astonishing collection of 45,000 items held - it will show how people lived in this vast island group between New Zealand, Hawaii and Easter Island.

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