Sunday, October 15, 2006

Lonely Planet writer's journey into solitude

Two similar articles by Lonely Planet's Gregor Clark discuss his recent trip to Rapa Nui - and offer travel suggestions.

Ancient statues magnify journey into solitude
Lonely Planet: Easter Island
By Gregor Clark
Salt Lake Tribune
Article Last Updated:10/13/2006 05:27:51 PM MDT

A two-hour walk brought me to the island's easternmost point, where cliffs dropped in all directions to the unbroken sweep of Pacific below. I felt like the last man on Earth.

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Sleeping at the feet of stone giants
Wild horses roam and statues guard the tranquil Easter Islands
By Gregor Clark
Photography by Paul Kennedy/Lonely Planet Images
Contra Costa Times
Posted on Sun, Oct. 15, 2006

Back at my campsite, nightfall brought soft South Pacific breezes, the smell of dried grasses and the constant rustling of leaves. I was alone, under the stony gaze of hundreds of moai, their pockmarked faces gleaming in the moonlight.

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HaS said...

Interested with the idea of camping across the island, but 7th ed. LP Chile/Easter Island(for whom the author works) suggests that it can only be done within the city. Can anyone tell me what permits, etc. are needed to camp out of the city and off the beaten path?