Saturday, December 30, 2006

"Monolithic" pop culture references #29

Ever searching for news about Rapa Nui, this blog's administrator comes across many references to Rapa Nui and its famous moai. Often, these references are quite comical and have nothing to do with the island or the culture of Rapa Nui. Other times, they appear to be speculative, based more on misconceptions than reality, or downright bizarre. Here are some of the more recent references:

Lebanon Daily News:
I do not opt for hideous inflatable or life-size plastic replica elves, carolers or Santas littering the front lawn like a Kmart version of Easter Island, nor those all-the-rage and revolting blow-up bubble domes with fake snow swirling inside. What were these people thinking?
Meltdown: O.J. Simpson/Judith Regan. One of history's great mysteries, right behind the Easter Island idols, Stonehenge and why we drive in parkways and park in driveways, is the following. WHAT THE HELL WERE THESE TWO THINKING?!!!

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