Saturday, May 13, 2006

Polynesian exhibit in Norwich, UK includes objects from Rapa Nui

The newly refurbished Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts is set to launch a huge Polynesian art show, with objects from Rapa Nui, from May 21 until August 13, 2006.

A taste of Polynesia over a century
Norwich Evening News 24
12 May 2006

... for the first time, important Polynesian material from British and other collections will be brought together for a major exhibition which will substantially extend appreciation of one of the world's great art traditions. Presenting rare and visually stunning god-images, sculptures, ornaments, textiles and valuables to a wide audience, this exhibition will explore Polynesia during the early period of contact with European voyagers, missionaries and settlers.

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Visit the Sainsbury Centre's website for more details:

Click here to read a review of the exhibition.

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