Saturday, May 20, 2006

United Nations exhibition displays ancient Rapa Nui art

Presented in celebration of the 5th Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, an exhibition in the UN Visitors’ Lobby (New York) features a Rapa Nui display. The exhibition runs until 15 June 2006.

United Nations Press Release
Note number 6011Department of Public Information
News and Media Division
New York
16 May 2006

An art and photographic exhibition, featuring indigenous people from around the world, will open with a formal ceremony and reception on Tuesday, 16 May, at 6:15 p.m. in the Main Gallery of the General Assembly Visitors’ Lobby. The joint exhibition, entitled “Indigenous Peoples: Honouring the Past, Present and Future”, is presented in celebration of the fifth session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. It consists of a display of artworks by the ancient Rapanui islanders, along with carving, weaving, quilting, painting, drawing and printmaking by contemporary indigenous artists from different countries, who represent both the traditional approach, as well as a fusion of old and new.

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