Monday, July 24, 2006

Moai-shaped playground climbing monument

"Easter Island Leaning" from Monolithic Sculpture Inc.

GeoSculpt® Monuments, exclusively distributed by the BCI Burke Company, are scaled replications of famous natural rock formations or man-made icons. Our reproductions of artifacts such as Stonehenge and Easter Island add an enduring, recognizable character to any environment.

Dimensions: 7 feet by 5 feet
Height: 8.5 feet
Age range: 5 to 12 years old

Visit Monolithic Sculpture online:

Read an article about a Louisian town installing the Easter Island Leaning in one of its parks:

West Park gets new attraction
By JULIE B. ROBINSON (staff writer)
Beauregard Daily News (Online from DeRidder, La)
Sunday July 23, 2006

The four GeoSculpt structures - Devil's Tower, Easter Island Leaning, Sandstone Flake and Small Delicate Arch, are geared for ages 5 to 12, according to Allen Shellenbarger, public works director.

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