Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Questioning Rapa Nui's "Collapse" (article and podcast)

Easter Island: A monumental collapse?
Emma Young
New Scientist
Magazine issue 2562
29 July 2006

The story of ecological disaster on Easter Island seems to confirm our worst fears about human hubris, but is it really a morality tale for our time?

The above is from an article preview, which appears to critique the view taken by Jared Diamond, author of the best selling Collapse, who suggests that
"the parallels between Easter Island and the whole modern world are chillingly obvious." Click here for the rest of the article preview.

Click here to listen to a New Scientist podcast of Terry Hunt and Carl Lipo discussing Easter Island with New Scientist's Ivan Semeniuk (mp3 file, 9MB).

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Emiana said...

One certainly does get that sense when there on the island.