Sunday, January 07, 2007

"Monolithic" pop culture references #32

Ever searching for news about Rapa Nui, this blog's administrator comes across many references to Rapa Nui and its famous moai. Often, these references are quite comical and have nothing to do with the island or the culture of Rapa Nui. Other times, they appear to be speculative, based more on misconceptions than reality, or downright bizarre. Here are some of the more recent references:

Christian Science Monitor:
Another rookie to look out for in January is Lily Allen, already a phenomenon in her native Britain. On her debut, "Alright, Still," Allen's swaggering pop tunes surf atop currents of reggae and hip-hop. It's joyous enough to bring a smile to an Easter Island statue.

Los Angeles Times:
Like the 10-ton stone statues on Easter Island, totem poles are an expression of human creativity and a telling of the past.

Beacon News:
The show, which aired on the PAX network, took an Unsolved Mysteries approach to topics like Bigfoot and Easter Island, and mixed in Biblical stories and other spiritual tales.

News 10 Now:
One reason for a passport is to show off all those cool stamps, but nowhere are the bragging rights bigger than on Easter Island, where tourists actually stand in line and pay for the privilege.

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