Thursday, January 25, 2007

"Monolithic" pop culture references #35

Ever searching for news about Rapa Nui, this blog's administrator comes across many references to Rapa Nui and its famous moai. Often, these references are quite comical and have nothing to do with the island or the culture of Rapa Nui. Other times, they appear to be speculative, based more on misconceptions than reality, or downright bizarre. Here are some of the more recent references:

Geelon Advertiser:
Chariots of the Gods had an incredulous international community believing aliens visited the Earth in prehistoric times, bringing technology to ancient civilisations to explain mysteries such as Stonehenge, the Easter Island statues, Inca ruins and Peru's famed Nazca Lines. And even author Graham Hancock, whose writings argue a sophisticated race of humans inhabited the earth before dying out in the last ice age.

City Pulse:
The cake is served warm, perched vertically on its shoulders like an Easter Island head, with a chocolate sauce and double-chocolate-dipped fork and spoon.

Fox News:
DENNIS MILLER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, first off, Bill, I have to tell you, I'm operating under a heavy heart tonight, what with this John Kerry announcement that he's not going to run, going back to his day job as an Easter Island statue. I'll try to soldier on.

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