Sunday, March 11, 2007

Here come the Easter puns

Easter island: Incest eggs orgy shame
The Spoof (satire), UK - Mar 11, 2007
Easter island- This small isolated outcrop of rock stranded in the vast blue desert of the pacific ocean is known the world over for its mysterious giant ...

Easter Island Statues Actually Petrified Peeps
The Spoof (satire), UK - Mar 11, 2007
Archaeologists on Easter Island have made an incredible discovery in relation to the large statues. They have learned through research and chemical analysis ...

Flintstone fans up in arms as James Cameron shakes their bedrock
The Spoof (satire), UK - Mar 11, 2007
Easter Island has been discovered to be the actual location of the town of Bedrock, long thought to be fictional, according to new archaeological evidence ...

Easter Island Chocolate Candy Recalled
The Spoof (satire), UK - Mar 11, 2007
LUNDON, ENGLUND (IPU)--Cadbury, the British candy manufacturer, has announced a recall of some 30 million tons of Easter Island Statue candy not properly ...

Santa Claus Has North Pole, Bunny Has His Easter Island
The Spoof (satire), UK - Mar 11, 2007
Such eminent scientists as Margaret Mead and Thor Heyerdahl have theorized that the giant stone statues of Easter Island are actually Gods of the people or ...

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