Monday, March 19, 2007

"Monolithic" pop culture references #46

Ever searching for news about Rapa Nui, this blog's administrator comes across many references to Rapa Nui and its famous moai. Often, these references are quite comical and have nothing to do with the island or the culture of Rapa Nui. Other times, they appear to be speculative, based more on misconceptions than reality, or downright bizarre. Here are some of the more recent references:

Alaska Star:
In February of last year, the family traveled to Loreto, Mexico, where they whale watched and visited cave paintings. In July, they traveled to Round Island in Bristol Bay to see walrus, and this past December and January, their journeys took them to Easter Island and mainland Chile.

Many Eiffel Towers, Chryslers Buildings, and Giza Pyramids can be found at the virtual warehouse. But if you want something really challenging to do this winter, there are no models of Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia church, the Taj Mahal or Easter Island heads to be found.

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